Aquatex - Factory Features

      • The auxiliary surrounds the polyester fibre with an envelope, which alters the hydrophobic nature of the fibre surface.
      • The fibre is able to absorb water between the fibre and the surfactant layer.
      • Interfacial tension between oil and fibre is increased, making oil more easily removed.
      • After treatment, the fibre exhibits higher conductivity, so the tendency to build- up static electricity is reduced.
      • The generally more oleophobic nature makes it easier to remove oily and/ or particulate contamination by washing.
      • AQUATEX treatment confers fibre- to- fibre lubricating properties, so that one fibre slips more easily over its neighbour, especially in water, and therefore it acts as an excellent anti-crease lubricant during the batch-wise dyeing of 100% polyester and polyester blends.
      • AQUATEX treatment does not adversely affect the pilling propensity of polyester containing fabrics.

      AQUATEX is a durable soil release/ antistatic treatment of 100% polyester fabrics and polyester blend fabrics.

      • AQUATEX is a finishing treatment of fabrics containing polyester fibres to confer a hydrophilic/ oleophobic effect as opposed to the inherent of polyester. These changes to the polyester fibre confer the following advantages to garments wearers:

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